Here is why Free Web Hosting is a bad idea.

Here is why Free Web Hosting is a bad idea.

The provision of powerful IT resources and security measures by professional web hosting services comes at a cost, which is necessary to ensure effective protection of customers’ technical infrastructure and data. It is important to exercise caution when considering “free” web hosting plans, as hidden costs or advertising on customer websites may be present.


While the free basic features may be enticing, necessary functions or additional system resources may need to be purchased later, ultimately resulting in costs. Alternatively, an individual can operate their own server, but this would require bearing the costs of infrastructure, security, and maintenance.


As a reputable provider with millions of customers, Akilij offers professional web hosting services at an affordable rate, as well as scalable services as required. The service includes numerous applications, such as WordPress and Drupal, which can be installed in just one click. With Akilij taking care of security and technology, customers can focus on building their internet presence.

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